Display Grid Below Single Page Content

[RegUserOnly] To Enable Portfolio grid below portfolio content, like shown on our ARES Demo or on image bellow, we need to do the following. (Please Note: Ultimate addons and Visual composer and Royal Core plugins Must be installed and Activated ) Make sure that Visual composer is enabled for portfolio items. To check […]

Theme Update Change log

Tutorial – how to update Theme. Tutorial – how to update Plugins. Note: Please always make a backup before update. Note: Please disable Cache related plugins and empty browser cache. v4.9.9.1 | 10.03.2021 – UPDATED: All Theme integrated plugins to the latest version – FIXED: Slider Bugs. v4.9.5 | 20.09.2020 – […]

Basic Site Setup Video

This Video is Recommended for beginners. This basic video shows how to simply setup Portfolio page, Blog page, Contact page, Visual composer page, menu, portfolio items and blog posts. [RegUserOnly] Before you get started make sure that theme has installed and all plugins are installed and activated. [/RegUserOnly]

Translation with Po & Mo files

[RegUserOnly] Before getting started we need to install po edit software which can be downloaded  free from http://poedit.net/ 1. Open en.po file ( located in Hyperx\languages) file that comes with theme with Poedit translator software. 2. Go to Catalog menu and then properties > Select your language German for example and press […]

Portfolio Posts Order (sorting)

[RegUserOnly] We can Sort Portfolio Posts by Date. It’s not the best way to sort them, but as far as there are no good plugins to sort Custom Post Types, it’s better and safer way to do this. ( you can use this plugin  https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ but in some case it may cause bugs ). […]

How to Update theme

[RegUserOnly] There are couple of ways on how to update WordPress Theme. I will explain you the most popular ones. Whenever you will get a notification email about Hyper-X theme update you need to follow one of these instructions: 1. Envato Toolkit – the easiest way for Themeforest users. These plugins […]