Portfolio Category(Filter) Sorting

[RegUserOnly] Sometimes you need to arrange Portfolio Filters on your website. By default they are sorted alphabetically but you can always rearrange them from your admin panel. Navigate to your wordpress Dashboard > Portfolio > Category Sorting. You will see all the available Filters (categories) on this page, just drag […]

How To Update Plugins

[RegUserOnly] When the new versions of the theme integrated plugins are available, they are always included in the latest theme update. When you get a notification email about Hyper-X theme update you need to update it and the proper plugins as well. How to update theme? – read this article. Note:  If […]

Integrated/Supported Plugins

[RegUserOnly] Hyper-X supports several plugins, which I’ve tested in different situations and they work perfectly on this theme. Note: all theme integrated plugins are free to use with Hyper-X theme only. Required Plugins Royal Core – this is must have plugin, which adds Portfolio, Portfolio Categories, Portfolio Skills, Royal Recent […]

OnePage Website

[RegUserOnly] In this section I will explain you how to build famous OnePage Websites. Actually it’s very simple and easy to understand. Below I will describe how it works generally, but you can skip this paragraph and go to step by step illustrated tutorial. Also it will be helpful if you […]

Post Formats

[RegUserOnly] If you aren’t familiar with Post Formats please read this article on WordPress Codex. Hyper-X Theme supports 6 Post Formats for Blog Posts and 4 Post Formats for Portfolio Posts. Blog Post Formats Portfolio Post Formats Please note that Featured image is REQUIRED for all Post Formats, except Video […]

Portfolio Setup

[RegUserOnly] We have already created Portfolio Page, but it’s not enough for that to work properly. Let me explain you how Portfolio system works. First of all we need to create Portfolio Post. This is a basic template which teaches you how to do that: These are minimum requirements for […]

Basic Site Setup

[RegUserOnly] If you are a WordPress beginner and if you want your site to work correctly, you need to do some basic setup. At first sight we’ll create basic, must have pages, then we’ll display them in Navigation Menu and then will set up Front Page and Posts Page. Create Pages […]

One Click Demo Import

[RegUserOnly] If you are a new to WordPress it’s strongly recommended to import demo content. It’s very easy to import demo content on Hyper-X Theme, you will need just a single click and patience. Navigate to Appearance > Hyper-X Templates and click on “Import” button which is under that Design you […]

Theme Installation

[RegUserOnly] After purchasing Hyper-X template, it’s recommended to download “All files & documentation” from Themeforest. Extract the downloaded .zip archive contents on your local machine (wherever you like). You should see the following list of files: hyperx.zip hyperx-child.zip Documentation folder Licensing folder There are two common ways to install WordPress […]

Install Plugins

[RegUserOnly] After installing and activating the theme you will see plugin activation message. You should install and activate them. Just follow up the plugin auto installer popup box and that’s it, so simple 🙂 For more information about Included and Supported plugins you can read here. [/RegUserOnly]