Basic Site Setup


If you are a WordPress beginner and if you want your site to work correctly, you need to do some basic setup. At first¬†sight we’ll create basic, must have pages, then we’ll display them in Navigation Menu and then will set up Front Page and Posts Page.

Create Pages

To create a new page, within your dashboard you should go to Pages > Add New. Enter page title and leave editor field empty, select page templates and hit Publish. Each page has its unique options which I’ll discuss later on.
The following templates should be used for following pages:

  • Blog – Default Template
  • Portfolio – Portfolio Page
  • Contact – Contact Page

Page Templates

Navigation Menu

Now, once we’ve created all necessary pages we should display them in Navigation Menu. Within your Dashboard go to Appearance > Menus and click on Create Menu
For Ares Design you should create 2 different – ex: “Left” and “Right” Menus and then assign Theme Locations: Left – Top Left Menu and Right – Top Right Menu. After that click on Save Menu and you’re done.

Create Menu 2

But in the other case when you are using design which supports only one Theme Location(Menu Position) you need to create only one menu called for ex: “Menu 1” and assign Theme Location to Main Menu.

Create Menu
In addition You can remove Home and Sample Page items and also rearrange others.

Front Page & Posts Page

To determine which would be displayed as Front Page and which one as Posts Page, within your dashboard navigate to Settings > Reading and setup like on this picture below. Then click on Save Changes and basic site setup is done.

Reading Settings

You can take a glance on Video as well about how to setup pages and post, strongly recommended for beginners.


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