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To Enable Portfolio grid below portfolio content, like shown on our ARES Demo or on image bellow, we need to do the following. (Please Note: Ultimate addons and Visual composer and Royal Core plugins Must be installed and Activated )

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-21-14

Make sure that Visual composer is enabled for portfolio items. To check this, navigate to Visual composer settings role manager and check Royal_portfolio checkbox if its not checked.

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-26-32

Then Create new portfolio item and Click on Add Element button Like shown on image below

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-29-40

Select Royal Portfolio

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-33-29

After that Customization popup window will come out and you can customize it as your wish and hit Save button

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-34-33

To make grid full width make sure you check this checkbox

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-40-44

That’s all you will get exact same grid as shown on first image 🙂

If you want to add same grid with all portfolio items best way is to create Visual composer template like shown on image and save it (Follow steps on image).

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-43-45

Then every time you need it on new portfolio post you can simply add it from template manager again like shown on image below.

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-02-03 10-45-49

Exact same grid will be created automatically and added to content after this.

That’s is 🙂


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