Google Map Api Key

Latest Google Maps have changed their policy. According to the new terms, an API Key is a must while you use it in a particular domain or an application created after 22nd June 2016.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to make your own google maps API key:-

Step 1 – Follow this link in order to generate your key


Step 2 – Read the terms of services and if you feel good to go then click on Agree and Continue button


Step 3 – Choose a name for your new key and specify the websites on which the key will be used. If you don’t need any website restriction, just put an * (but don’t leave it blank!)


Step 4 – Copy your new API key and hit OK.


Step 5- Now you need to put your google map API key in our Google Maps option.



Once you done with this then you can use the google map element.

Note: These steps are also application to the users who have the google map issue on their site, and getting this error  in console: “Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

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