Speed Up Your WordPress Website – Part 1


  1. Please remember this method 100% works and it speeds up WordPress significantly.
  2. If you are beginner we recommend to make site backup.
  3. This method works on most Hosting/Servers!
  4. Its Recommended to check if Gzip compression is enabled on your server/hosting, if you are not sure how to do that, ask provider to help you with this.
  5. If your hosting allows, ask them to install Nginx for you, it will increase site speed as well.

To speed up your site first we need to install and activate WP Super Cache plugin. Then we need to navigate in plugins settings and turn on “caching on”. After this we need to go to advanced tab.

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 14-40-54



Then select “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files.” like shown on image

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 14-45-38

Then  scroll down and you will see text on white background and button below, press this button “Update Mod_Rewrite Rules”

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 14-47-36

After that you should get big text message on green background-

Mod Rewrite rules updated!

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 14-50-10

It means everything is ok and works fine!


Remember and read carefully:

1. When cache is enabled your site becomes static!

What does it means: if you will change text or image or any other thing it will not appear immediately on the site, it needs some time for wp super cache to refresh those changed content. This refresh (timeout) times can be set from here:

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 15-02-32

2. If you want to see changes immediately on your site you need to delete cache from here:

screenshot-wp-royal.com 2016-04-22 15-04-45

3. We are recommend to enable cache after that when you will finish site setup!

4. How to test cache?

Open any page, then from it navigate to another page, then repeat same thing again, you should notice speed improvement while serving, it will be best if you will log-out from WordPress and test speed like this – like you  are visitor not a admin!

Please remember again, if you are WordPress beginner do site backup before you start!

You can read more – here how to speed up site to next level with Caching with .htaccess!

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