How To Update Plugins


When the new versions of the theme integrated plugins are available, they are always included in the latest theme update. When you get a notification email about Hyper-X theme update you need to update it and the proper plugins as well. How to update theme? – read this article.

Note:  If some of plugins require updates and they are not included in the latest theme version, you should wait for the  next theme update and also, please don’t try to enter Hyper-X license key and update it yourself. This may happen when other plugin authors haven’t fixed WordPress compatibility issues, we will keep the old versions until they fix the bugs.


Disable plugins that you want to update, simply deactivate them. Then hit “Begin Updating Plugins” Link like shown on an image. 2016-06-30 17-09-35

After this bulk, select the plugins you want to update and hit Apply Button or Update them one by one. After Update enable plugins again. That’s is :). 2016-06-30 17-12-46


After you update theme you need to go to your plugins page (Dashboard > Plugins) and delete those plugins which were been updated in the latest version of a theme. Refresh your plugins page and the plugin auto installer popup box will appear. It will ask you to install all theme integrated plugins. Follow it up and install those plugins which you have previously deleted.



In case if the “plugin auto installer popup box” won’t appear you need to extract your copy somewhere on your local machine, then navigate to hyperx > plugins folder, where you will find all those plugins which are integrated into the Hyper-X template. After that open your wordpress dashboard in browser, navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and upload them manually. When upload is done, install and activate new plugin(s) and that’s all.


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