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There are couple of ways on how to update WordPress Theme. I will explain you the most popular ones. Whenever you will get a notification email about Hyper-X theme update you need to follow one of these instructions:

1. Envato Toolkit – the easiest way for Themeforest users. These plugins come with Hyper-X by default, when you install the theme – plugin installation popup box will ask you to install Envato Toolkit plugin as well. to get it work you will need:

  • Generate an API key to link your WordPress site to your Themeforest account. Go to your Themeforest Account > Settings > API Keys and generate it.
  • Go to your Dashboard > Envato Toolkit and  enter your marketplace username and secret API key. Click “Save Settings.”
  • Go to Themes tab, find Hyper-X theme and click on “Update Automatically” link.
  • The plugin will now alert you to theme updates.

2. Dashboard – go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and delete old version of Hyper-X theme, then upload a new version, which you have downloaded from your Themeforest Downloads page. Note: the theme file should be a “.zip” archive named “

3. FTP – if the above methods don’t work on your server for some reason you can always update your wordpress theme via your FTP client. Download a new version of Hyper-X theme from your Themeforest Downloads page, extract a “.zip” archive named “” on your local machine (wherever you want), then open your FTP client, navigate to your wordpress installation folder > wp-content > themes -> hyperx, then delete hyperx folder and upload new version or just replace it.

Please note: If you will follow this steps you will not loose/lost any configuration with theme, but just in case to stay safer make backup before starting. Recommended plugin for backup


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