Translation with Po & Mo files


Before getting started we need to install po edit software which can be downloaded  free from

1. Open en.po file ( located in Hyperx\languages) file that comes with theme with Poedit translator software.

2. Go to Catalog menu and then properties > Select your language German for example and press Ok.



3. Go to menu “File > Save as” and name file hyperx-de_DE.po (if your language is German). file will be automatically created.

4. In Poedit translate words you want

transltext1 (1)


and after that when you finish translation all strings go to menu File > Save.

5. Move both files (hyperx-de_DE.po and in “wp-content\languages\themes” directory, if themes directory doesn’t exist, create it.

6. Navigate to wp “dashboard > settings” and change the language to Deutsche. All text strings that you have translated will appear in Deutsche language from now. That’s all


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