Slider error fix


Sometimes during demo import maybe sliders were not imported due to hosting issues, you will get error like this:

Maybe you mean: ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’

To fix this slider issue you need import sliders manually:

1. Download theme from themeforest.

2. Open hyperx zip folder and find plugin folder and open

3. If you are using Ares design navigate in\royal-core\backend\import\data\default\ares\rev_sliders

If you are using Athena design navigate in\royal-core\backend\import\data\default\athena\rev_sliders

and so on…

4. You will find zip files in rev_sliders folder and simply import this zip files in slider


Thas is, after this you will get all sliders running fine!


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