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    Ability to change "You may also like" section columns
    2 months agoopen0
    Three locums is really nice but I will be happy if you will add 2 or 4 column switch option 🙂
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    Add a Whatsapp Social Share icon
    2 months agoopen0
    Since a lot of people use their phones to browse the internet, it makes practical sense to add the Whatsapp share icon as well (apart from the existing icons) so that people can share relevant article... Read more...
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    Option to disable slider Overlay
    2 months agoopen0
    Please add checkbox in slider customizer settings to disable slider overlay, with most images it's really good feature but for some images it really needs to be disabled.
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    Custom header Link
    2 months agoopen0
    Ability to set custom header link in theme customer.
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    Tag Headers
    1 month agoopen0
    Adding header images and descriptions for tag taxonomy. Useful for very visual sites.
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    Disable Read more button
    3 weeks agoopen0
    When I customize blog page to post content, Read more button is unnecessary. What about any way to disable it...
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    Suggest related posts only once
    2 weeks agoopen0
    This could be done after an article is read or at the footer of the page. I am also overwhelmed by the extent of posts on the homepage. I feel I will have a high bounce rate from information overload.
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    sign up form on homepage
    5 days agoopen0
    please add sign up form feature to home page. it is only available on sidebar but not everyone has sidebar on their websites.
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