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Blog layout style …

I have by blog as a list with no side column. In the list all the images are on the left. It be nice to have them alternate. Blog 1 image on the left Blog 2 image on the right And so on Can this become a feature please? Denise x

Read time …

I am chronically ill and have just started my blog to advocate for chronic illness. On other sites I keep seeing ‘time to read’ on posts and pages. This is really useful for sick people who can then decide if they want to read now or later. To turn this option on would be really …

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blog posts that alternate

When the blogs show in the categories or all of them and you can have grid or list. I’d love the option to have then in a list that alternates, so image on left followed by image on the right and so on. X


I’d like to be able to change the font and colour of my tag line easily

Blog share

On the share part of the blog I’d like to be able to share to Instagram as well as Twitter & Facebook and Pinterest. Would this be possible? Love this theme by the way. I’m so glad I bought it.