Summarized menu items for small screens or large menus.

2 years agoopen0

If a website has many menu items or the menu items are very long, the menu will often break to create a second row. This often spoils the look of the page or just looks ugly. And a LOT of themes just ignore this problem – like Ashe. This is a pity. The solution is so simple. If the menu items become too wide, the items at the back are grouped under a new main menu item, which is called, for example, “more” or simply “…”. So the main menu could be even endless without destroying the website.

I searched for this option for a long time and found a theme that does it very well (Getwid). Unfortunately, it is otherwise very slimmed down and there is no Pro version. So I can’t really use it.

If Ashe had this feature it would be even greater.

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