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    Magalie BEAUFOUR
    Premium Member


    I’ve got only one trouble with the theme used on my french blog. In front end “No comments” or “% comments” haven’t been translated.

    Same thing for “By” about the author of the articles on the blog.

    I’m using loco translate, didn’t seen anything about those parts to be translated. I also inspected the file “freemius-fr_FR.po” but nothing there either.

    How can I translate these parts?

    Thank you


    Assya Ouchene
    Premium Member

    Hi Magalie,

    I am a french user too and met the same problem. Hope someone knows how to fix it :/

    Personally, I would like to translate :

    I would like to translate:

    • “No comment” next to the post’s date
    • “Leave a reply” above the comment form
    • “Comment” between the comment form and the “leave a reply” wording
    • “Post comment” below the comment form.

    Thank you,


    WP Royal Team



    At first sorry for the late reply


    To translate the theme untranslated strings please use the plugin Loco Translate and follow the video guide below to better understand how to use the plugin.



    Kind Regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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