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    Previously (before switching themes), when I wrapped an image, all the text wrapped around it. Now, if the next block is a header, it doesn’t wrap. Instead, it drops below the image.

    Here is an example:

    There is a gap before the “Lore and History.” Before, there wasn’t one.

    How can I adjust this to remove the gap.

    *I was directed here from They said it was a theme issue.

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    WP Royal Team

    Hi @wh


    Can you please describe your issue more detailed? Can you please share the screenshot of the issue or a link where the issue exists?

    Screenshots will be much appreciated.


    Kind Regards


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    It’s more visible on the PC. Here is a before and after image. I’m referring to the empty white space in the second image. My previous themes, looked this this:


    Ashe looks like this:

    I hope that clarifies my issue.


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    Here is a much more extreme example.

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