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    Andria Milliard
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    How do I get the post page to show on the home page? I have my site set up with a static page and yes everything is posting to the blog page but I would like the feature gallery and select posts to be highlighted on the home page. I have another site that is currently set up like this.


    WP Royal Team

    Hi Andria,


    At first sorry for the late reply, we had holidays

    if you want your home page as blog page(post page, news feed) please navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Reading  > Your latest posts.

    With the theme and WordPress settings, you can only have one blog page at the same time, but I can give you shortcodes to have blog posts on the home page and on the blog page too.


    Navigate to Dashboard > Pages and create a Blog and Home pages. After doing that

    Navigate to Settings > Reading > Reading Settings > A static page (select below)

    Homepage > Home

    Post Page > Blog

    Also, use shortcode functionality to display post on the home page. see below guide.

    To display all latest post use:


    To select specific categories in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “categories” attribute to it. You can list multiple categories separated by a comma:

    [ashe_blog categories="food,travel"]

    or select a single one like this:

    [ashe_blog categories="food"]

    Also, posts per page could be limited by adding the “amount” attribute” like this:

    [ashe_blog categories="food" amount="5"]

    To select specific posts in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “post_ids” attribute to it and list selected post ids separated by a comma like this:

    [ashe_blog post_ids="1,23,157"]

    Hope it was helpful.


    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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